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Hi !
My name is Pierre « Coyote » Saugrain, 26 years old, freelance movie maker.

I started movie making in 2007. I begin on FPS, through Battelfield 2 then i switched to RTS and MOBA early 2011.


I usualy work wiht After effects, Sony Vegas, Cinema 4D, 3DS MAX and Maya.

I’m also the co-funder with Nicolas Chaussois of the Art’E-sport Community.

I mainly work on E-sport games such as Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, Shootmania etc, …

You can follow my dailywork through my facebook :


You could be also interrested by Egg-One School, where i’m giving movie making lessons.

Just stop by my  Egg-One School profil and book an hour ! :)


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