By Ida Shessel

Have you ever been wondering supplying teleclasses yet you are not fairly yes the best way to start? This book gets you began as a teleclass chief and provides you how to plan the teleclass, determine rapport over the phone, create a studying setting, use voice and language successfully, finish the teleclass, and advertise your teleclass to the realm. there is additionally a important list you should use to evaluate what you must do to make your teleclasses more suitable.

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61 Make sure that people know where to contact you after the teleclass. Provide a telephone number as well as an e-mail address. 62 Provide a Web site URL where they can go for more information about your products and services. Announce any special offers you are making to the group. 63 Thank the participants for their involvement in the teleclass and make sure everyone realizes the session is officially over. ” 32 CHAPTER NINE Following Up After the Teleclass 64 Send follow-up notes, assignments, or reference materials to the participants.

Com 43 Become a conference call superstar! With the proliferation of teleconference meetings in today’s distributed team environment, many organizations now conduct most of their meetings over the telephone. There are challenges associated with trying to ensure that these meetings are productive and successful. 74 Tips for Absolutely Great Teleconference Meetings contains tips for both the teleconference leader and the participant — tips on how to prepare for the teleconference, start the teleconference meeting and set the tone, lead the teleconference, keep participants away from their e-mail during the call, use voice and language effectively, and draw the teleconference to a close.

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