By Allan Morey

By means of the 1760s, such a lot American colonists had develop into bored to death with British rule. They have been bored with the unfair taxes and never with the ability to create their very own legislation, and cries for revolution have been ringing out around the land. because the revolution took carry, Thomas Jefferson drafted a record that officially declared the colonies' independence.

The adoption of the statement of Independence on July four, 1776, marked a huge turning aspect in US heritage. Over the subsequent 5 years, the colonists might struggle to make their independence a truth.

Explore the heritage of this significant record. tune the occasions and turning issues that led the colonies to claim their independence from nice Britain.

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Some heated debate followed Thomas Jefferson Jefferson’s presentation of the A P P R O VA L O F T H E D E CL A R AT I O N July 2, 1776: 36 Delegates from twelve colonies vote in favor of declaring independence. JUNE 25, 1776 JULY 1, 1776 June 28, 1776: Thomas Jefferson presents the Declaration of Independence to the Second Continental Congress. JULY 5, 1776 July 4, 1776: The Continental Congress formally adopts Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. Declaration of Independence to the Congress.

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