By Johnson Asamoah-Gyadu

This quantity examines Pentecostal/charismatic renewal in an African context. Ghanaian Pentecostalism in its glossy charismatic shape has turn into the main seen expression of renewal inside indigenous Christianity. The e-book first articulates the contribution of the older African initiated church buildings (AICs) to neighborhood Christianity arguing that, regardless of a gift decline, the AICs have left an everlasting theological imprint on indigenous Christian expression. additionally, it bills for the increase of the hot self sustaining church buildings, the charismatic ministries. those were proliferating around the West Africa sub-region because the past due Seventies. as well as this, the ebook explores how the emphases of the hot Ghanaian charismatics--internationalism, transformation, prosperity, therapeutic and deliverance--provide necessary insights into the character of recent African Pentecostal spirituality.

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2 Harold W. K. Hall, 1979), chapter 14. 38 chapter two Sunsum Sorè Spirituality: An Enduring Impact on Ghanaian Christianity Even if the Sunsum sorè dwindle numerically as they seem to be doing at present, two things continue to bear testimony to their dominant presence in Ghanaian Christianity during the first half of the twentieth century. First they provided an agenda for church historians, missiologists and theologians interested in African Christianity. 3 In the 1960s and 1970s, the study of independent churches became something of a ‘cash-crop’ venture among scholars of Christianity in Africa.

The concern of this study lies mainly with those Ghanaian versions that are recognisably Christian because they believe in and affirm the omnipo- pentecostalism in context 23 tence of God, the lordship of Jesus Christ as the sole mediator between God and humankind and the Holy Spirit as the third person of the Trinity poured out on ‘all flesh’. 27 In that respect this work identifies with the position that older independent churches such as the Sunsum sorè bear the characteristics of Pentecostalism observed anywhere.

Most churches in Ghana claimed they organised occasional revivals sometimes in the form of camp meetings to create and enhance their spiritual capacities. Renewal, on the other hand, makes room for spontaneity in both individual and corporate experiences of continuous religious reorientation. Renewal connotes not just a restoration of the individual to God from nominal Christianity or unbelief. It also aims at the reformation of what religious innovators may consider an inadequate ecclesiological belief system in order to make it conform to biblical Christianity as they 39 Baëta, Prophetism in Ghana, 6–7.

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