By Patrick Sénécal

Il était une fois... Alice, une jeune fille curieuse, délurée, fonceuse et intelligente de Brossard. À dix-huit ans, poussée par son besoin d'affirmation de soi, elle décide qu'il est temps de quitter le cégep et le cocon familial pour aller vivre sa vie là où tout est attainable, c'est-à-dire dans l. a. métropole. À l. a. suite d'une rencontre fortuite dans le métro, Alice aboutit dans un quartier dont elle n'a jamais entendu parler et où les gens sont extrêmement bizarres. Mais c'est common, non ? Elle est à Montréal et dans toute grande ville qui se respecte, il y a plein d'excentriques, comme Charles ou Verrue, d'illuminés, comme Andromaque ou Chess, et d'êtres encore plus inquiétants, comme Bone et Chair… Alice s'installe donc et mord à pleines dents dans l. a. vie, prête à tout pour se tailler une position. Or, elle ne peut savoir que là où elle a élu abode, l'expression être « prêt à tout » revêt un sens très particulier…

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As to the first ... he has nothing more to achieve, since he controls all the resources of the kingdom. He commands the fortresses, the troops and the artillery since he has dismissed the officer of the crown who had this function. 23 He controls the navy. Financial administration is carried out by one ofhis clients. 24 He has gathered together most of the money in circulation and has placed it under guard in his fortresses. He has gained the power to distribute benefits, to accord graces, to inflict punishments.

Mazarin's. 23 Society and Government Under Richelieu and Mazarin has been either corrupted or oppressed in order to subject all Frenchmen to the power of a single foreigner. Finally, the state has been brought to such a pass that it is almost ruined unless God intervenes powerfully to assist it. Who can doubt that Cardinal Mazarin has always wanted to continue the war and to prevent peace, in order to make himself necessary and to have a pretext to levy great sums of money so that he may enrich himself?

Foucquet began to talk the language of reform (doc. 91), but not soon enough for Colbert, who condemned previous finance ministers' 'maxim of confusion' and their pursuit of an illusory credit-worthiness of the government (doc. 89). Foucquet patched up the quarrel with Colbert, at least on the surface (doc. 90). However, the death of Mazarin in March 1661 left him vulnerable to Colbert's intrigues. On his death-bed, Mazarin had held a private interview with the king. The full account of what passed between them is not known, because 'certain intrigues' caused Louis XIV to break off his dictation of the chief minister's 33 Society and Government Under Richelieu and Mazarin maxims (doc.

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