By Jasmine Dum-Tragut

This grammar of contemporary jap Armenian supplies an exact and specific description of the japanese Armenian language of the Republic of Armenia. It covers not just the normative culture yet, extra importantly, additionally describes the colloquial language because it is utilized in Armenia this present day. in regards to methodological strategy and terminology it absolutely meets the calls for of contemporary normal linguistics and typology.

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In the word áÓ ōj [ftsh] “snake” and its derivations and compounds. 5. A voiced postalveolar affricate [dŠ] is pronounced as [twh], if: – – it follows a flap [r] [n] in the following words (and their derivations and compounds) ³ñç arj [cntwh] “bear”, Ãñç»É t’rjel [th6ntwh7l] “to wet”, í»ñç verj [v7ntwh] “end”. In all other cases it is written as ç j and pronounced as [dŠ] as in ßáõñç šurj [wundŠ] “around, about”, ËáõñçÇÝ xurjin [óundŠin] “saddle cloth”, Ù³ñç³Ý marjan [mcndŠcn] “coral”, áñç orj [‚fndŠ] “den, burrow”, ϳÙáõñç kamurj [kcmundŠ] “bridge” etc.

39 A possible reason for this might be the range of Russian lexemes that have entered Armenian ­during the Soviet period and which are regularly pronounced with the initial schwa in Russian and, thus, also in Armenian, such as ëåáñï sport [spfnt] “Sport”, ßï³µ štab [wtcb], ëϳݹ³É skandal [skcndcl] “scandal”, ëï³Ý¹³ñ¹ standard [stcndcnd] “standard” as well as names such as êå³ñï³Ï Spartak [Spcntck], êåÇÝá½³ Spinoza [Spinfzc] etc. This is, of course, also true for later loans from English, such as ëϳáõï skaut [skcut] “scout”.

2. The Open Mid Back Vowel Phoneme [f], orthographically expressed as á o and û ō a. In the initial position [f] is usually pronounced with a glide as [‚f]. g. áñ¹Ç ordi [‚fnthi] “son”, áñï»Õ orteł [‚fnt7t] “where”; áëÏ» oske [‚fsk7] “golden” etc. The glide is not expressed in orthography (compare the orthography of [j7] as » e). ” (plural), áí¨Çó¿ ovewic’ē [fv7‚itsh7] “whoever”. – There are only some words which are pronounced without a glide as [f], such as ûñ ōr [fr] “day”, û·Ý»É ognel [fkhn7l] “to help”, û¹³Ý³í ōdanav [fthcncv] “plane” etc.

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