By H. Hermes (auth.), Prof. E. Casari (eds.)

H. Hermes: simple notions and functions of the speculation of decidability.- D. Kurepa: On numerous continuum hypotheses.- A. Mostowski: versions of set theory.- A. Robinson: difficulties and techniques of version theory.- S. Sochor, B. Balcar: the final conception of semisets. Syntactic types of the set theory.

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KA*) . Certainly, (T, <) . Since 6)a s kc antichain for kA >, kT; if kPA < k PDT. Therefore, the requested inequality Q(T) T that Now, Q(T) By case such PA C P D T , one the positive integer is satisfied a l s o a similar kA kA 4 2 , 3 , 4 3 argument on permuting Number 1s the number b. 1. any kC< kA, < kPDT then kA i. e. 2 < is . ... On . the other hand, A, C one proves Q(T) for the In (1) ? particular, is the number t r e e (T,,<) ? Ramification hypothesis The affirmative answer is [R HI. called ramification hypothesis and is i6)p.

2 M a t h e m a t i c a l L o g i c . John Wiley a n d Sons, New Y o r k (1967). XI11398 pp. K l e e n e , S. C. a n d E . L . P o s t 1 T h e U p p e r S e m i - L a t t i c e of D e g r e e s of R e c u r s i v e Unsolvability. A n n a l s of Math. -52 (1954), 379-407. L a c h l a n , A. H. T h e p r i o r i t y Method I. Z e i t s c h r f. m a t h . L o g i k und G r u n d l a g e n d e r Math. 1 3 (1967), 1 - I ? 1 . H. H e r m e s M a h n , F. K. P r i m i t i v - r e k u r s i v e Funktionen auf T e r m m e n g e n T o a p p e a r i n A r c h i v f.

7 ) show t h a t t h e m a t c h i n g condition is s a t i s f i e d . 5. -.. The formula we s e e If i n ( 8 . 8 ) we i n t e r c h a n g e Y D , DO i m m e d i a t e l y t h a t t h e r e is a q u a n t o r - f r e e f o r m u l a exactly three f r e e variables (where 'Ix) U x, u, y, s. t . is a s u b s t i t u t i o n o p e r a t o r ) TD,DO . Now x and y with D, DO is equivalent t o it is a well-known f a c t ("Skolem f u n c t i o n s f f )t h a t (8. 14) is s a t i s f i a b l e if a n d o n l y if is s a t i s f i a b l e .

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