By Kenneth R. Lang

This publication is intended to be a reference resource for the elemental formulae of astrophysics. anyplace attainable, the unique resource of the fabric being awarded is referenced including references to newer ameliorations and functions.

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When a medium has a total extinction cross section, (Je' then Eq. V Xl n WO) o W 2 2' -WO (1-90) where V is the volume of the medium. As first derived by FEENBERG (1932), the extinction cross section for matter with an absorption cross section, (Ja' and scattering cross section, (J 5' is given by (Je = (J a + (J s. 16. Lorentz Co ordinate Transformation The Lorentz transformation is a means by which the coordinates x, y, z, t of an event in one inertial system (the K system) can be transferred into the coordinates x', y', z', t' of the same event in another inertial system (the K' system).

When the velocities are large, the correct results are JACKSON, 1962) E= [ q (LIENARD, (n-ß)(1-ß2)JI . 3 2 +-q[nx{(n-ß)xß}JI . 3 (l-n ß) R t'=t-R/e C (1-n ß) R t'=t-Rle 1898; (1-111) H=nxE dP =~ Inx{(n-ß)x/iWI dQ 4nc (l-w ß)5 t'=t-Rle and where ß= v/c, the unit vector in the direction of observation is n, and y = [1- (Ü/C)2] -1/ 2. 22. Electromagnetic Radiation from Electric and Magnetic Dipoles The electric dipole moment d(t) of acharge q is related to its acceleration v(t) by v(t)=d(t)jq. It therefore follows from Eqs.

25. Magnetobremsstrahlung or Gyroradiation (Gyromagnetic and Synchrotron Radiation) of a Single Electron When an electron moves linearly at the velo city, v, and with the acceleration, iJ, the total power radiated per unit solid angle is (LII'iNARD, 1898) dP dQ e2 iJ2 sin 2 0 4nc 3 (1-ß cosW ' (1-146) e is the angle between the line of sight and the common where ß= v/c and direction of v and iJ (here we ass urne the acceleration vector is parallel to the velocity vector). At low velocities this distribution becomes the Larmor distribution (Eq.

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