By Gert H. Müller, Jane E. Kister, Dirk van Dalen, Anne S. Troelstra (eds.)

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Statistical Estimation of Epidemiological Risk (Statistics in Practice)

Statistical Estimation of Epidemiological Risk provides assurance of crucial epidemiological indices, and contains contemporary advancements within the field. A useful reference resource for biostatisticians and epidemiologists operating in disorder prevention, because the chapters are self-contained and have quite a few genuine examples.

An Invitation to Formal Reasoning

This paintings introduces the topic of formal good judgment when it comes to a procedure that's "like syllogistic logic". Its method, like out of date, conventional syllogistic, is a "term logic". The authors' model of common sense ("term-function logic", TFL) stocks with Aristotle's syllogistic the perception that the logical different types of statements which are concerned with inferences as premises or conclusions may be construed because the results of connecting pairs of phrases via a logical copula (functor).

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Brouwer: the genesis oJhis intuitionism ~ A05 A10 F99 ~ DALEN VAN, D. T. Intuitionist logic, a logic oJjustijication ~ A05 C90 F50 ~ KREISEL, G. The motto of'Philosophical Investigations' and the philosophy oJprooJs and rules ~ A05 F99 ~ KREISEL, G. Wittgenstein's lectures on the Joundations oJ mathematics, Cambridge 1939 ~ A05 F99 ~ LAUENER, H. Semantique et methode constructiviste ~ A05 F99 ~ LoRENZ, K. & LORENZEN, P. Dialogische Logik ~ A05 B60 F99 ~ SCHUETTE, K. Die Entwicklung der Beweistheorie ~ Al0 F98 ~ TRAGESSER, RS.

Heyting ~ A05 F50 ~ BERNAYS, P. J. Intuitionistische Betrachtungen ueber den Formalismus ~ A05 F50 ~ CHURCH, A On the law of excluded middle ~ A05 B05 F50 ~ HERBRAND, J. Sur la theorie de la demonstration ~ A05 B10 F07 ~ LEVY, P. Logique classique, logique Brouwerienne et logique mixte ~ A05 F50 ~ MENGER, K. Bemerkungen zu Grundlagenfragen I ~ A05 B30 E30 F99 ~ RE;YMOND, A L'axiomatique logique et le principe du tiers exclu ~ A05 F50 ~ WEYL, H. Diskussionsbemerkungen zu dem zweiten Widerspruchsfreiheit und ihre Grenzen ~ A05 B30 F99 ~ HEYTING, A Apropos d'un article de MM.

Between constructive and classical mathematics ~ A05 F35 F50 F55 ~ FEFERMAN, S. P. Continuous truth. I. Nonconstructive objects ~ A05 E70 F35 F50 G30 ~ IYANAGA, S. Problems infoundations ofmathematics. 4. Prooftheory (Japanese) ~ A05 F99 ~ KREISEL, G. Frege's foundations and intuitionistic logic ~ A05 F50 ~ NORMANN, D. 1. B. Highlights ofthe history ofthe lambda-calculus ~ A10 B40 ~ SCHNEIDER, B. Klassische und intuitionistische Vollstaendigkeit der logischen Konstanten ~ A05 B20 F07 ~ REzus, A A bibliography of lambda-calculi.

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