By Silvio Silvério da Silva, Anuj Kumar Chandel

This ebook discusses the commercialization of biofuels and the Brazilian govt guidelines for the merchandising of renewable power software in Brazil, that may be a studying module for a number of nations for imposing biofuels coverage to enhance their socioeconomic prestige and cause them to power independent.

Researchers in academia and industries, coverage makers, and financial analysts should be assisted by way of very important resource of knowledge of their ongoing study and destiny perspectives.

This ebook will profit graduate and postgraduate scholars of chemical and biochemical engineering, forestry, microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, utilized chemistry, environmental technological know-how, sustainable strength, and biotech enterprise disciplines by way of signifying the utilized points of bioenergy creation from quite a few usual resources and their implications. Graduate and postgraduate scholars in addition to postdoctoral researchers will locate transparent ideas of feedstock research, feedstock degradation, microbial fermentation, genetic engineering, renewable strength iteration and garage, weather adjustments, and techno-economic research of biofuels creation technologies.

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S. da Silva and A. K. 1007/978-3-319-05020-1_2, Ó Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014 31 32 L. A. B. Cortez et al. for the increase of the private R&D expenditures, as well as governmental actions to train human resources in the area of bioenergy. With new research centers, graduate programs have the potential to contribute to increasing competence at all stages of bioenergy development. 1 Introduction By the end of the nineteenth century, the Brazilian energy matrix was dominated by traditional bioenergy such as the extraction of firewood.

Results showed that a considerable increase in the amount of surplus LM can be obtained with the use of efficient cogeneration systems (among other process improvements) and the recovery of 50 % of the straw. Significant increase in ethanol production in optimized autonomous sugarcane distilleries integrated with 2G ethanol production, along with electricity production, can be obtained if high pressure boilers are employed. Gains on ethanol production in an integrated 1G and 2G ethanol production process are possible when efficient, low pressure boilers are employed.

In order to increase sugar yields, efficient conversion and utilization of hemicellulosic sugars has become an important task and an opportunity to reduce ethanol production cost (Alvira et al. 2010). Alternatively, C5 liquor may be biodigested, producing biogas for use as fuel, increasing the amount of surplus lignocellulosic material. 39 Dias et al. 40 Kazi et al. (2010) Ion-liquid pretreatment 6 US$/gallon Corn stover Corn stover Sugarcane bagasse Corn stover Straw Eucalyptus Poplar Switchgrass Tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb) Dilute acid Dilute alkali Hot water Steam explosion Dilute acid hydrolysis, enzymatic Empty fruit bunches hydrolysis, and fermentation with recombinant Zymomonas mobilis Rice husk Dilute acid hydrolysis, enzymatic hydrolysis, and fermentation Coffee cut stems with recombinant Z.

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