By Dale Layman

Consultant to realizing simple and utilized medical info, for these who've had no longer formal education in biology. contains greater than one hundred fifty illustrations, a pronunciation consultant, self-tests, and reports. Softcover. DLC: Biology.

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25 bya (billion years ago), or 250 mya (million years ago). Therefore, the appearance of human beings a mere 100,000 years ago is so recent in Earth’s overall history, that it occurred just the last second or so before our model CLOCK strikes its end at midnight! 1 41 The four major eras and their characteristics. 25 bya (250 mya) 2 3 Fig. 5 The fossil record clock.

Study suggestion: Would you expect to see an alligator – a reptile – swimming in the freezing water of the Arctic Ocean? ] Most of the main groups of mammals were in existence about 50–60 million years ago. One of these groups was the primates (PRY-mates). Since human beings (Homo sapiens) belong to the group of primates, it is only natural that we should label ourselves as being ‘‘of first rank or importance’’ (primat). Primates include monkeys, apes, and various other creatures, as well as humans.

From the very earliest days of human existence, bone fractures have been very common. Hence, surely mankind has always been aware of Biological Disorder (broken patterns) of various kinds, even though ancient people may not always have been consciously thinking about it. (NOTE: As you have already seen, key facts describing some aspect of Biological Order for an individual organism will usually be tagged by the spotted giraffe icon. ) Order beyond the Individual Organism: The Spider and its Web Beyond the internal environment within a particular organism, lies the external (eks-TER-nal) environment – the surrounding area ‘‘outside of ’’ the body.

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