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Listen to my orders. Close your eyes and tum around. Now open your eyes. " "Very good," said Father. " Alex turned his head in different directions and found the Big Dipper, he showed it to Father and Sveta.. When Alex and Sveta had remembered how the Big Dipper looked, Father said, "There are many weakly twinkling stars in the part of the sky where the Big Dipper is found as well as the seven bright stars which form it. In olden times, people noticed the bright stars of the Big Dipper and the dim stars next to it and called them Ursa Major (which means Great Bear in Latin) constellation.

And you get a burner," Sveta guessed. "That's one way of putting it, yes it's a burner," Father smiled. " At this point, a guide came up with a group of visitors, directed the lightspot from the mirror at a piece of metal, and everyone saw the metal melting. "Now you've seen how a solar smelting oven operates," said Father. " 38 "You sa membered. " aske "What ( "Solar c "There's cells turn the cells will al day, people homes by u: After sever, a magazine showed the) "This is "You said they were solar cells," Alex remembered.

The most brilliant stars have names. To observe the stars in the sky, choose a place where the light from house windows and streetlamps will not get in the way. It is not necessary for the children to be able to find all the constellations about which Father told Sveta and Alex. It is enough for your children to locate the Big Dipper and the North Star, the brightest star in the little Dipper. But if your children like to watch the stars in the sky, make use of the recommeruJations and pictures in the book and point out the Cassiopeia constellation.

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