By Jean-Robert Pitte, M. B. DeBevoise

Trying to penetrate the mysteries of 2 nice wine regions—"two contrary civilizations, exact methods of feeling"—Jean-Robert Pitte embarks upon an evocative and engaging exploration of the land, humans, and wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy. His account is a wealthy tapestry of terroir, heritage, tradition, and economics from Roman to trendy occasions. the original features of the wines of every quarter, Pitte believes, can't be totally defined by means of the diversities of their actual environments: they've got social origins in addition. starting with an wonderful examine the striking number of insults exchanged by way of partisans of the 2 areas, Pitte delves into the most important position performed by way of medieval priests, dukes, and peasant vignerons in construction their respective reputations and in growing the competition among bourgeois Bordeaux and earthy Burgundy that we all know at the present time. His glowing, fair-minded narrative, enticing the senses and the brain alike, conveys a deep appreciation of 2 incomparable winegrowing cultures, united regardless of their modifications by way of a standard ambition to provide the simplest wines within the world.

Translated by means of M. B. DeBevoise

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