By Ed Epstein

Given that 1973, Storey's nation knowledge announcements have provided useful, hands-on directions designed to aid readers grasp dozens of kingdom residing abilities speedy and simply. There are actually greater than a hundred and seventy titles during this sequence, and their notable recognition displays the typical wish of state and town dwellers alike to domesticate own independence in lifestyle.

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Good God yeah! There's a way a'doin' anything. I've had dogs right here since I've lived here. "Anyway, I brought her here and raised I don't know how many bunches of pigs from her. " VETERINARIAN "I was a bad hand to go all over the country and do anything in the veterinary line for cattle, hogs, anything. I've got the name of bein' the best they was in Rabun County. Once a feller lived right over here and he had four hogs to be castrated, and Herman Hunter had two t'be castrated. Well, I was ready for one of mine to be castrated too, so when Herman asked me what I charged, I said I never charged a man a penny in my life, but I guarantee the hog'll live when I get through with him.

I've had a lot of them too. "But one time they was one on Rob Lovell Mountain. There's several different old house places over there where people used to live, and they'd all moved off and left all their old hogs in the woods. So the woods was pretty full of wild hogs, and they just didn't care who went and got'em. Th'government wanted'em moved out anyway. They didn't care if you killed'em, and nobody else didn't care, so I got my part of 'em. I could do that and I didn't have to buy no meat. I could have all the meat I wanted, and it was good meat, for back in them days the woods was plumb full of acorns and hickory nuts and mast, you know, that would fatten a hog.

It feels like it. That the only one? You've gotta tell me the truth now. If you've got another'n, tell me the truth. If you don't, you won't get it done. [There is only one wart]. Do you want it to stay there, or do you want it gone? You haven't got no 50 FOXFIRE 3 business with it, have you? Well, you won't have it long. I'll give you a nickel and you won't ever know when it gets gone. You needn't think about it no more. "Now it used to be if your nose was bleedin'—about to bleed to death—I could stop it just like that [snaps his fingers].

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