By Wayne Grudem

Can company task in itself be morally strong and unique to God? occasionally company can appear so shady-manipulating the "bottom line," deceiving the shopper, or gaining promotions due to whom you recognize. yet Wayne Grudem introduces a unique notion: company itself glorifies God whilst it really is performed in a fashion that imitates God's personality and construction. He exhibits that each one features of commercial, together with possession, revenue, cash, pageant, and borrowing and lending, glorify God simply because they're reflective of God's nature. even though Grudem isn't really na?ve concerning the effortless methods those actions could be perverted and used as a way to sin, he is aware that Christians could be concerning the company of industrial. This biblically dependent publication is a considerate advisor to imitating God in the course of interactions with shoppers, coworkers, staff, and different companies. See how what you are promoting, and your lifestyles in company, should be devoted to God's glory.

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I would have hundreds of copies of my book Systematic Theology,1 for example, but in 48 B USINESS FOR THE G LORY OF G OD a world with no money I would have no idea if one volume was worth a loaf of bread, or two shirts, or a bicycle, or a car. And the grocer might not be interested in reading my book, so he might not trade me a basket of groceries for even 100 books! Soon even the merchants who did accept my book in trade would not want another one, or a third one, and I would end up with piles of books and no ability to find more people who wanted to trade something for them.

Or if I am in charge of a monopoly on a necessary good, so that people can only buy bread or water or gasoline from me and no other suppliers can enter the market, and if I then charge an exorbitant price that depletes people’s wealth, of course that kind of profit is excessive and wrong. That is where earning a profit provides temptations to sin. But the distortions of something good must not cause us to think that the thing itself is evil. If profit is made in a system of voluntary exchange not distorted by monopoly power or dishonesty or greatly unequal knowledge, then when I earn a profit I also help you.

But the hiring of one person by another is also necessary for a greater production of goods. Many products can only be produced by a group of people working together. In the ancient world, shipbuilding and shipping could only be done by hiring many people, and in the modern world, building airplanes, ships, steel mills, and in most cases houses and computers, and many other consumer goods, can only be done by hiring other people, because the tasks are too large and too complicated for one person alone.

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