By George Britton

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Unfortunately, this was only detected after publication by HPLC analysis of the corresponding di-(-)-camphanates. Nevertheless, there is fortunately no need to revise our conclusions concerning the absolute con­ figuration of natural actinioerythrin. Due to partial racemization, the compounds 112, 113, 116, 103, 117 and 118 could not be obtained optically pure so far. CONCLUDING REMARKS The foregoing discussion has shown that the search for a technical synthesis of astaxanthin has led to numerous investigations in the field of 3,4-oxygenated xanthophylls.

The CD spectra of 20 and 3'-O-didehydrolutein, obtained by Oppenauer oxidation of (3R,3'R, 6'R)-lutein, clearly show strong opposite Cotton effects at 276 and 270 nm, respectively (Fig. 11). Fritschiellaxanthin A new carotenoid, called fritschiellaxanthin, with an interesting combination of the astaxanthin and lutein é--end groups, has recently been isolated and fully characterized from the green alga Fritschiella tuberosa (Ref. lo). With the necessary building units at hand, we have tried to synthesize this carotenoid according to the scheme C^_ + C, = C (Fiq.

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