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This publication comprises details got from actual and very popular assets. Reprinted fabric is quoted with permission, and resources are indicated. a wide selection of references are indexed. cause capable efforts were made to put up trustworthy facts and data. however the writer and the writer can't think accountability for the validity of all fabrics or for the implications in their use.

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For the adsorption of methane gas, the phosphor screen must periodically undergo irradiation by electrons. 7 Decrease in partial pressure of meth ane (CH ,) gas in sealed CRT under electron-beam irr ad iati o n on phosphor screen and without phosphor screen . brown coloration. Consequently, the phosphor screen is colored by a partially decomposed organic film on the phosphor particles. The coloration of phosphor screen in CRTs is markedly reduced by the application of an appropriate vacuum technology to CRT production.

0 mm. The energy of the electron beam (W = Vn Ie) is (30 X 103) X (1 X 10-3) =30 W per spot. The energy density of the electron beam spot is 30 X 102 = 3 kW crrr". 21 X 3 x 103 W crrr? = 630 W crrr? 1) The ZnS:Cu :Al phosphor has a broad CL band in the green wavelength spectral range. 7 x 10-19 W). 8 X 1021 photons S-I cm ? 8 x 1021 photons S -I em:". Images on phosphor screens in current color CRTs for TV display are well optimized for displaying images of daytime scenes on phosphor screens. 2 Correlation between Screen Luminance and Spot Luminance In the above discussion, there are L sl"" and L ; (fl'('I/' which do correlate with each other.

6 Stability of Luminescence Centers in Phosphor Particles Luminescence centers, which are impurities in the host crystal, should be stable in the crystal during use. As long as the crystals (1) maintain electric neutrality and (2) are deformation-free, the crystals will remain stable. If the impurities have larger and/ or smaller ionic radii than the lattice ions, then the crystal has a lattice deformation due to the impurities. The unstable impurities diffuse from the crystal during cool-down from growing temperature of the particles (-1000°C), and slowly diffuse out under operating temperature.

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