By A. Feldhaus

This e-book examines the phrases and activities of people that reside in areas within the kingdom of Maharashtra in Western India to demonstrate the concept that areas should not basically created through people, yet given which means via non secular practices. via exploring the folk residing within the quarter of Maharashtra, Feldhaus attracts a few very attention-grabbing conclusions approximately how humans differentiate one zone from others, and the way we use tales, rituals, and ceremonies to recreate their significance. Feldhaus discovers that non secular meanings hooked up to areas don't unavoidably have a political teleology. in response to Feldhaus, 'There can also be an opportunity, even now, that non secular imagery can increase the lives of people and small groups with out engendering bloodshed and hatred'.

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VeTI,” the standard Marathi word for “crazy,” is pronounced “yeTI” in rural speech. ” This story expresses the generally (but vaguely) daiva character of unmarried goddesses, the connection of these goddesses with Ram (and Sita), and also—most importantly for our purposes—the location of the goddesses in the Deccan wilderness, the Dagtakaragya. In the case of the coastal area of Maharashtra, the Kofkag, a figure from mythological traditions known all over India not only lived in the region, but also created it.

Here I will examine three kinds of river pilgrimages: first, the practice of circumambulating a river; second, pilgrimage rituals in which people carry village gods to a river to be bathed; and, third, pilgrimage rituals in which people fetch water from a river to bathe a village or pilgrimage god. Chapter 2 will present an extensive description and analysis of one pilgrimage of the third type. Circumambulation, or pradakSiGC, is the ritual gesture of walking around something (or someone) with one’s right (dakSiG) side toward it (or him or her)—that is, in a clockwise direction—as a way of showing respect.

Such unity is also implied in the idea of a mahCnadI (“great river”), a river that flows all the way to the ocean. People who use the concept of a mahCnadI do so to emphasize the superiority of such a river. For instance, a Brahmag temple priest in Sangli defined the term mahCnadI as follows, applying it to the Krsga: The Krsga is a mahCnadI, a big river . . A river that has the same name all the way from its source until it flows into the ocean is a big river, a mahCnadI. And the ones that flow into it don’t keep their names afterwards.

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