By Adi Eisenbert, Fred E. Bailey

content material: constitution and purposes of ion-containing polymers / R.A. Weiss, W.J. MacKnight, R.D. Lundberg, K.A. Mauritz, C. Thies, and D.A. Brant --
Morphological experiences of version ionic polymers / C.E. Williams, T.P. Russell, R. Jérôme, and J. Horion --
Cation-anion and cation-cation interactions in sulfonated polystyrene ionomers : spectroscopic reviews of the consequences of solvents / J.J. Fitzgerald and R.A. Weiss --
Spectroscopic and thermal experiences of ionic interactions in ionomers / V.D. Mattera, Jr., S.L. Peluso, A.T. Tsatsas, and W.M. Risen, Jr. --
Chemistry in ionomers / D.M. Barnes, S.N. Chaudhuri, G.D. Chryssikos, V.D. Mattera, Jr., S.L. Peluso, I.W. Shim, A.T. Tsatsas, and W.M. Risen, Jr. --
experiences at the synthesis of novel block ionomers / Robert D. Allen, Iskender Yilgor, and James E. McGrath --
rest in styrene-methacrylic acid, sodium salt ionomers / M.H. Litt and G. Bazuin --
Clustering and hydration in ionomers / Bernard Dreyfus --
Composite nature of ionomers : homes and theories / William Y. Hsu --
constitution and serve as of membranes for contemporary chloralkali cells / Ronald L. Dotson --
The chloralkali electrolysis method : permselectivity and conductance of perfluorinated ionomer membranes / H.L. Yeager and J.D. Malinsky --
resolution processing of perfluorinated ionomers : fresh advancements / Michael J. Covitch --
Microstructure of natural ionic membranes / M. Pinéri --
Ion-hopping kinetics in three-arm big name polyisobutylene-based version ionomers / Masanori Hara, Adi Eisenberg, Robson F. Storey, and Joseph P. Kennedy --
amendment of ionic institutions by way of crystalline polar ingredients / I. Duvdevani, R.D. Lundberg, C. Wood-Cordova, and G.L. Wilkes --
answer habit of metal-sulfonate ionomers / R.D. Lundberg and R.R. Phillips --
Use of the Poisson-Boltzmann equation to foretell ion condensation round polyelectrolytes / Bruno H. Zimm --
Dynamics of macromolecular interactions / Stuart A. Allison, J. Andrew McCammon, and Scott H. Northrup --
interplay of anionic detergents with cationic residues in polypeptides : conformational adjustments / Wayne L. Mattice --
complicated coacervation of acid-precursor gelatin with a polyphosphate / T. Lenk and C. Thies --
advanced coacervate formation among acid- and alkaline-processed gelatins / D.J. Burges and J.E. Carless.

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Bienenstock ( S S R L ) for their support of this project. *Some of the materials incorporated i n this work were developed at S S R L w i t h the financial support of the N a t i o n a l Science Foundation (Contract D M R 7 7 - 2 7 4 8 9 ) i n cooperation w i t h the Department of Energy. Literature Cited 1. , Macromolecules 1970, 3, 147. 2. Marx, C. ; Caulfield, D. ; Cooper, S. L. Macromolecules 1973, 6, 344. 3. Yarusso, D. ; Cooper, S. L. Macromolecules 1983, 16, 1871. 4. MacKnight, W. ; Taggart, W.

Peluso, A. T. Tsatsas, and W. M. Risen, Jr. Department of Chemistry, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912 Ionic interactions in ionomer They indirectly influence the and the pendant sites as well as some of the spectral characteristics of polyatomic cations. Studies of these spectral properties are extensive. Ionic interactions are probed more directly by observing the vibrations of the cations at their anionic sites. Ion-motion vibrational bands, which occur in the far-infrared spectrum, have been studied in PFSA (Nafion) (1), ΡΕΜΑ (2-3), PSMA (4-5), and PSSA (6) ionomers with a range of cations, ionic site concentrations, and other conditions.

MacKnight, and R. W. Lenz, Macromolecules, 12(2), 195 (1979). C. C. Hinckley and L. O. Morgan, J . Chem. , 44(3), 898 (1966). W. B. Lewis, M. Alei, J r . , and L. O. Morgan, J . Chem. , 44(6), 2409 (1966). B. R. McGarvey, J . Phys. , 61, 1232 (1957). H. Toriumi, R. A. Weiss, and H. A. Frank, Macromolecules, in press. M. Pineri, C. , Polym. Phys R. Vasquez, J . Avalos, . Volino, . Pineri, d . Gallard, J. Appl. Polym. , 28, 1093 (1983). ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1986.

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