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Spring deepened and all seemed very right with Anksha's world for the first time in centuries--since Dawnhand perished. She stopped worrying that Isranon would die like all the others who had withered away to nothing, certain that she had made changes to keep him alive and would have him for a long time. Amiri had begun to advise her and Anksha listened to the Ymraude's suggestions eagerly. "I am going to keep Isranon," she whispered to herself, running through the grounds and leaping at tree branches for the sheer joy of it.

Caught off guard by the hope of learning more about his revered ancestor, he joined Timon on the bench. " Timon laughed as he handed Isranon a glass of the red liquor. " Isranon raised the glass to his lips and rolled the first taste around his tongue. He detected the trace of demon blood spiking it with an intensity that could easily get him drunk. " Isranon asked. Timon's eyes turned distant. "He liked to laugh and tell stories. He levitated me out of a tree once. It was a huge chestnut tree.

Isranon drew farther from him. "I ... 'ave to think. Understand ... your father killed my friend ... " A note of impatience entered Timon's voice. Isranon's eyes hardened as he began trying to shake off the liquor and demon's blood, but it was getting worse. " "I am my own mon, damnit. " Isranon stood up, squared his shoulders, and lifted his head to a proud angle. " Timon came to his feet beside him. " Isranon felt totally confused by that question. "Of course, I have. Haig is one. A vampiric philosophy.

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