By John Preston (auth.), John Preston (eds.)

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The proximity of housing in the suburbs and an emphasis on neighbourliness produced the conditions for ‘civic defence’ (located at the level of the neighbourhood). Nuclear war was thus sanitised and domesticated along the lines of suburban homes during that time. The social guidance film ‘The House in the Middle’ (sponsored by the National Paint Varnish and Lacquer Association, 1954) even shows that a clean, tidy and ordered house is more resilient to nuclear attack than a dirty and untidy one.

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Secondly, the resourcing of the house (building the ‘inner refuge’ and stocking up with food and supplies) given the lack of public shelters or state aid was likely to benefit those with financial, social or cultural capital who would be able to use these privileges. Although as a number of dramatisations of the early 1980s (Threads (Hines, 2004) and The Day After (Meyer, 2002)) show survival for the white, middle classes would be challenging (to say the least), symbolically and materially the practices detailed in Protect and Survive implicitly benefit the survival of the white family.

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