By Arthur G. Slade

Whereas traveling their grandfather in Manitoba, Canada, 3 American young children event an occasion according to Icelandic mythology during which a guy comes again from the lifeless to hunt revenge.

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I can't move," Michael whispered. "Sarah, why ... " "I don't know," I answered. " "I dreamed something had a hold of my leg," Michael said. I could see dark blotches of dirt on his bed. "It was a dream ... " The shotgun fired. 44 Something struck the cabin wall with the weight of a two ton truck. Glass shattered. " Angie asked, frightened. Before I could answer I heard Hugin just outside our window, growling low and hard as if he had a grip on some animal that he wouldn't let go. Grandpa screamed.

He had walked over to Hugin and was looking out the window in the door. Hugin's hackles were raised and he had pulled back his lips, showing long white canine teeth. I knew this was an animal I would never ever want mad at me. "What is it, boy? " Michael reached for the door. " I yelled. Michael frowned. " "Grandpa said we're supposed to stay inside. And because ... " Michael rolled his eyes. "I looked out the window. There's nothing in the backyard, Sis. The dog probably hears a raccoon or something.

That he's trying to protect us," I said. Michael motioned and Hugin padded over to him. The dog rubbed up against his knees. "I have a feeling you're right. There's something wrong. " Angie had her feet up on the couch now and was hugging her knees. " I asked. I noticed that Hugin was turning his head as each of us spoke, as if he understood every word. He looked at me and it seemed like he was smiling. "Well, I don't want to go home," Michael announced. "We just got here. I am not going to take another long, stupid bus ride.

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