By Antti Salminen, Tere Vadén

Energy and event: An Essay in Nafthology bargains a such a lot unexpected
materialism in an age possible replete with “new” ones. For whereas the
physical connotations of strength trace at a conjunction facing matter
and our adventure of it (both strength and adventure could identify the
subject and item of topic over time), strength proves during this publication to be
the identify for whatever totally different than subject stripped bare.
This not less than is the matter with which this booklet starts off, for “like the
notions of strength, will, paintings, and the sacred, power turns out to call at the
same time anything inner, immaterial, and non secular and something
material, concrete, and actual” (9). hence we're dealing no longer with matter
and the existence it leads, yet really the social, epistemological, political, and
philosophical determinations of an power method accountable for now not just
our capitalist modernity, yet such a lot of our recommendations approximately it, too. What’s
most unforeseen in regards to the materialism of Nafthology is for this reason that
energy, as soon as redefined no longer as metaphysical yet as time in topic, releases
materialism from the shackles of vulgar topic and the speculations we
might derive from it. in the meantime, it we could us see a relations resemblance
between power and that different ancient strength over topic, which this
book unhesitatingly calls capital.

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Likewise, a cord runs from the plastic items to the giant gyres of plastic debris in the oceans — debris that slowly pulverizes and enters the digestive tracts of marine animals and eventually the blood circulation of all mammals. Furthermore, invisible cords connect oil to the carbon dioxide, dioxin, and other toxins everywhere in the atmosphere. Pretty soon the only place not contaminated by the refuse of chemically modified or burned hydrocarbons will be the deep crust of the earth from which they originated.

The productivist regimes, socialist and capitalist alike, were industrialized and grew their economies by burning fossil fuels. Likewise, fossil fuels are the indispensable condition of population growth, for instance, through the so-called green revolution that raised crop yields globally. The green revolution is, in fact, a black one, since it meant the use of fertilizers and pesticides derived from fossil fuels and the use of fossil fuel powered agricultural machinery and transportation. Since the Second World War, agriculture has used, year by year, increasing amounts of fossil energy.

According to Weil, even a rudimentary division of labor reveals the inhumanizing force. If one person decides what is to be done and another carries out the doing, the decision maker almost by necessity thinks of the doer instrumentally. Due to this asymmetry, the lower classes usually have a better grasp of the truth. Because they experience hunger, they feel the negative side of force in their flesh unlike the members of the upper classes, who can at least temporarily imagine themselves in control of their destinies, even though at every moment their existence is carried by the toil of the lower classes.

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