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With greater than 20 million copies bought in forty-one languages and greater than 88 nations all over the world, DK Eyewitness has been the main relied on sequence in reference publishing for extra then 3 many years. Visually attractive, informative, and vigorous, the greater than a hundred titles within the Eyewitness sequence specialize in topics that supplement scholars' own pursuits and parts of research to make studying uncomplicated and enjoyable.

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After the females return, the skinny and hungry males make their way to€t he open sea Penguin shoots onto land or ice in giant leap of up to 6 ft (2 m) Penguin catches fish and krill in its beak Penguins “fly” through the water, propelled by their stiff flippers. When swimming fast, they often use a technique called porpoising, leaping out of the water like dolphins or porpoises. Air offers less resistance to movement than water, so porpoising penguins can travel at speeds of 18 miles (30 km) an hour.

Tusks were traded outside the Arctic before most people had seen narwhals; this may have led to the legend of the unicorn. Fascia Muscles Blowhole on top of head for breathing; nostrils are closed off€under water HOT FAT Under a whale’s skin there is an insulating layer of fatty blubber. A network of blood vessels runs through it. If the whale overheats, more blood is pumped up nearer to the cold water, which cools down the whale. About 150 pairs of yellowish white baleen plates filter plankton Barnacles often glue themselves to a gray whale’s skin and hitch a ride around the oceans ONE LONG VACATION Two, or sometimes four, grooves on the throat Gray whales make the longest migration journeys of any whale.

Tennis racket” shape to spread weight as evenly as possible TOBOGGAN RUN A brave man’s shoes These snowshoes were worn by Captain Oates, who perished on Scott’s 1910–12 expedition to Antarctica. Oates’s feet became frostbitten on the return journey, and then gangrenous. Rather than hold his companions up, he walked out of Scott’s tent in a blizzard to die, so that they would be free to press on as fast as possible. ” He hoped that this would enable his companions to save themselves, but tragically, his heroic gesture did not have the result he desired.

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