By Muriel Mandell

Magicians, ogres, dragons, genies and wizards express how one can do the preferred good judgment puzzle kinds: removal, crossing the river, size, likelihood, extra. 128 pages, b/w illus. all through, five 3/8 x eight 1/4.

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Of the thirty apprentices he invites, only two are unable to attend, having been wounded fighting off a sudden influx of dragons. As the apprentices come in, Merlin gives them each a gold coin to toss into the Well of Wisdom. If the toss of the coin matches the previous toss—whether it was heads or tails—the apprentice who pitches it will acquire a new power. Wizard Merlin will toss the first gold coin. What chance is there that it will come up heads? Clue on page 91. Answer on pages 122-123. 46.

Pala and Uk. 3. Since Tset is innocent, Pala's comment that Tset did it was her lie. Therefore, her statements that she was innocent and that she never saw Yan before were true. 4. Yan's assertion that he and Pala were old friends was therefore a lie. He told the truth when he said that he, Yan, was innocent and that Uk was guilty. 7. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tsientsien Don't Eat: Mark took the farfel to the aircraft and left it there. He drove back alone. He transported the tsientsien and left it there.

More Card Tricks: Compare the odds in each instance, using the joint occurrence formula. ) 56. Hearts for Urth: Again, compare the odds using the joint recurrence formula. 57. Go Fish: Consider the mathematics in each situation. 58. : Look to the joint recurrence formula again. No clues for puzzles 59-70. 1. " Whatever the Martian did in reply would mean yes. 2. Stone Stew: One rock from one sack. If he were to open the sack labelled "igneous," for instance, and the rock turned out to be sedimentary, then he would know that the other two sacks could not contain sedimentary rocks.

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