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The product is cleaned by decantation minutes after about five . The wash water is allowed until all the KNOB has been removed with the precipitate overnight to remove all to remain in contact . of the possibly adsorbed electrolyte (which is hard to dislodge) . of the was h : evaporation to dryness of 200 ml (Test for KNO 3 water in a platinum dish. ) The precipitate is placed on a piece of har The dry AgI is easily ground . at 110-120°C Biter paper and dried to a fine powder . The mixing of the solutions and the washing operations must b e carried out in the absence of daylight .

68 . Schweizer's reagent dissolves cellulose . REFERENCE : M. E . Schweizer . J . prakt . Chem . 1 159. 1 I. A mixture of stoichiometric quantities of Cu and S is placed i n a quartz tube, which is sealed in high vacuum . The tube is heate d until the mixture melts . IL An evacuated, sealed glass tube contains very pure Cu at on e end, while the other is charged with the stoichiometric quantity o f 8 e purified by the method of von Wartenberg (p . 342) . The reaction is contl8et Alternate methods : a) Cupric sulfide is heated in vacuum t o point of cuprous sulfide .

Rahlfs, Z . phys . Chem . (B) 31, 1957 (1936)] . b) Preparation of Cu 2Se and CuSe from Cu and Se in a Cu2SO 4 solution [C . Goria, Gazz . Chim . Ital. 70, 461 (1940)] . c) Passage of H 2Se through solutions of Cu salts . Formation of CuSe and Cu 2Se [L . Moser and K. Atynski, Mh . Chemle 45 . 235 (1925)] . d) Reduction of the basic selenite CuO • CuSeO 9 [W. Geilmann and F . R . Wrigge, Z . anorg . allg . Chem. 210, 373 (1933)] . SYNONYM : Cuprous selenide . PROPERTIES : Black. 84 . Exists in two modifications : tetragonal $-CusSe (below 110°C), cubic a-Cu 2Se (above 110°C) (essentially a defect lattice deficient in copper) .

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