By Yemima Ben-Menahem

This quantity appraises the main philosophical contributions of Hilary Putnam (b. 1926) to the speculation of which means, philosophy of brain, philosophy of technology and arithmetic, and ethical conception. involved not just with the wide spectrum of difficulties addressed, it additionally info the adjustments and restructuring his positions have gone through through the years. The research constitutes a serious advent to relevant concerns in modern philosophy, together with quantum good judgment, realism, functionalism, the "mind as computer" metaphor, and the fact/value dichotomy.

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Realism and Reason,” Putnam (1978, 123–138). 16 Yemima Ben-Menahem 5. Putnam uses a variety of locutions to refer to this ‘third way’ – among them, internal realism, pragmatic realism, commonsense realism, natural realism, or just realism (as opposed to Realism). 6. ’” “The Meaning of ‘Meaning’” argues that the same image can be associated with different meanings; “Explanation and Reference,” that different theories can refer to the same entities. 7. One of the points that became clear with the transition to internal realism is that the notion of causality itself is unpacked differently by metaphysical and internal realists.

Were they already semantic externalists? If not, why not? These questions are anachronistic, but instructively so. They allow us to investigate in what ways Putnam’s externalism constitutes a critique of Frege – as Putnam quite explicitly said that it did – and in what ways it constitutes an extension or interpretation of Frege. Similar questions may be asked about Russell and about various stages in his development, for Russell’s conception(s) of analysis and doctrine(s) of immediate acquaintance appear on the surface to have lodged logical form (hence, objectivity and meaning) in the mind’s immediate contact with extra-mental entities.

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