By Nancy Robinson Masters

Describes how the ordinary gasoline that's used to cook dinner and warmth your place is came across and transported into your place.

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Attempts to develop a democracy in Nicaragua have often been fraught with difficulties and frustration and hindered by dictatorial leaders. The country has experienced more than its share of rigged elections, political crackdowns, and rampant 63 64 Nicaragua corruption. There also have been countless assassinations, political massacres, and human rights violations. These are just some of the political problems that have occurred in twentiethcentury Nicaraguan politics. Keeping the power of leaders in check has been a major problem.

Although it can be enjoyed as a part of any meal, it is most often a part of breakfast. As with many American dishes, there are numerous variations in its ingredients. Basically, it is made with rice, red beans, onion, and sweet peppers. Garlic and/or cilantro may be added for taste. In the Eastern Lowlands, coconut oil or grated coconut may be added. The tasty mixture is then fried. Traditional Nicaraguan recipes can be found on a number of Web sites. 59 60 Nicaragua Nicaraguan Culture In this chapter you have learned that Nicaraguan culture offers a rich mix of traits contributed through time by Amerindians, Europeans, Africans, and others.

When the Spaniards arrived in the early 1500s, nearly all material possessions, including houses and weapons (swords, lances, and arrows, as well) were made of wood. Therefore, archaeologists have very few remains of any kind that provide clues that can shed light on a more ancient human presence. It is believed that most early cultures hunted, fished, and gathered for their livelihood. They lived in a land that offered rich opportunities for these subsistence activities. Because of the abundant resources, it is doubtful that they were nomads, roaming from place to place in search of food and water.

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