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Effects of Mass Loss on Stellar Evolution: IAU Colloquium no. 59 Held in Miramare, Trieste, Italy, September 15–19, 1980

The IAU Colloquium No. fifty nine, "The results of mass loss on Stellar Evolution" used to be hung on September 15-19, 1980 on the overseas Centre for Theoretical Physics, Miramare, Trieste (Italy), lower than the auspices of the IAU govt Co~ mittee and the Italian nationwide Council of study. The making plans of this convention begun years in the past du­ ring the IAU Symposium No.

Cerebral Cortex: Neurodegenerative and Age-Related Changes in Structure and Function of Cerebral Cortex

This quantity of Cerebral Cortex is devoted to Sir John Eccles, who used to be an lively member of the advisory board for the sequence till his dying in may well 1997. His enter as to what issues may be coated in destiny volumes of this sequence can be sorely overlooked. the current quantity is anxious with neurodegenerative problems and age­ similar adjustments within the constitution and serve as of the cerebral cortex, a subject that has attracted expanding curiosity as toughness and the variety of elderly members within the inhabitants elevate.

Alcoholism and Drug Dependence: A Multidisciplinary Approach

It's for me, as President of the Merseyside Lancashire & Cheshire Council on Alcoholism, a sign privilege to jot down a short foreword to those court cases of the 3rd overseas convention on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. throughout the week specialists, from internationally, in all these disciplines that have a contribution to make to the answer of the issues of alcoholism and drug dependence, surveyed fresh advances in our wisdom of the aetiology, epidemiology, early reputation, administration, and the social and business implications of those dual scourges of the modern scene.

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They are drilled with customary rotary I Ocean Resources / 41 drilling equipment in the same manner as oil and gas wells. , carried to the steam horizon. The deepest well is approximately 5000 ft, but the greatest depths have not yielded appreciably larger quantities of steam. The steam is carried in insulated lines about 12 in. in diameter from the wellhead to the power plant and the condensing towers of the chemical plant. In addition to thermal activity under the land areas of the earth, the recent discovery of very high heat-flow characteristics (about six World midocean ridge system.

Applications of this idea have been suggested, and many ex­ periments have been undertaken to try them out. On the widest possible scale, the procedure would involve the opposition, under tropical con­ ditions, of surface water at 82°F as a source of heat and water from well below the surface at perhaps 50°F as a cold source. In the Arctic, the same system could use water from below the surface at 31°F just beneath the ice as a hot source, and the air just above it, which some­ times drops to 76°F below zero, as a cold source.

72 (February 1967). Fig. 12. Fig. 13. I Ocean Ό ►O Resources 30 / John H. Clotworthy to the fisherman of slightly less than $400 million for all the catch, it is quite apparent that not a great deal of money is available for equipment under present conditions, unless that equipment can be proved to increase, immediately and substantially, the total value of catch. In any event, there is little money for speculation. Another interesting aspect is the species that are missing from the top thirteen species of value: squid, the most plentiful food fish in the world, but for which there has been developed no US market; and skate and other ground fish that could be used for the manufacture of palatable fish sticks, if only packagers would create the demand.

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