By Victor (Avigdor) Hurowitz

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Ipiq-Ishtar builds Emahtila on command of Ea. 4. Samsuiluna B—see Sollberger 1967. The king restores Ebabbar on command of Shamash. 5. See Falkenstein 1964. The text tells of building the walls of Ur. 6. Clay Nail Inscription—see Gelb 1948. The text tells of building the walls of Sippar. 7. Samsuiluna A (in Borger 1973c: 47) tells of the restoration of the walls of six different cities. : 48) describes the restoration of the walls of Kish. 8. See Hallo 1966. 9. See Sjoberg 1973. 10. See/flSA,205iVB 14d.

3. Prefacing a narrative with a hymn is not limited to accounts of building and similar activities, but seems to be a common feature in Sumerian literature dealing with topics of all sorts. The myth Enki andNinhursag opens with a hymn to Dilmun (trans. N. Kramer, ANET, p. 37,11. 1-30). Enmerkar and EnsuhkeSdanna (Berlin 1979) starts with a twenty-three-line hymn to Uruk, while the body of the story begins in 1. 24 with the formula u4 -ba . u4 en-na-am. Enlil and Ninlil (Behrens 1978) starts off with a hymn to Nippur, while the story itself begins in 1.

All this goes against the interpretation suggested, and leads us to seek a non-literal explanation of vv. 20-21, or to interpret them differently, as T. Jacobsen, who translates 'Ningirsu turned to him (Gudea) about Eninnu's offices which are all great'. 1. 2 After interpreting the dream, Nanshe told Gudea what to do in order to receive additional instructions and learn about the form and nature of the temple he was to build. 3 Gudea then prayed to Ningirsu, after which the deity appeared to him in a second dream (VIII 4-XII 11).

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