By Pat Zalewski

For greater than a hundred years mystery magical manuscripts from the Order of the Golden Dawn's internal order of adepts Rosae Rubeae et Aureae were unseen by means of so much scholars of the esoteric. This contains the Golden sunrise Alchemical teachings, mystery Teachings of the Zelator Grade and the $64000 Caduceus paper. those have both been accumulating dirt on a few collector's cabinets, or were labored through those that have persisted the Order's paintings. So mystery have been those records, Israel Regardie was once blind to them and for that reason a few of the smooth Orders of the airtight Order of Golden sunrise who have been depending on his encyclopaedic 'Golden sunrise' for his or her instructing have omitted a lot of this paintings. besides the fact that, the papers contained during this e-book give you the a lot wanted keys to appreciate the Golden sunrise procedure in its entirety. besides the fact that, simply because the Golden sunrise was once not only highbrow info accrued less than one heading yet contained oral guideline to make the procedure come alive, so this fabric got here with huge traditions that make it helpful to the scholar. For the 1st time, Golden sunrise authority Pat Zalewski, who used to be expert via the interior Order adepts of the Golden sunrise, finds the main to this fabric.

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On every side enveloping the World, this Being exceedeth it by the ten jingers. This entire Universe is Pouroucha, all that which hath been, all that which Shall be! Lord of Immortality also is He; when well nourished he extendeth himself Such is his Greatness; and paroucha is superior even to this. All existences united constitute but a Fourth of his person,. and the Three other Fourths are All that is Immortal in the Heaven. (remark here the Idea of the Three Separations and the Fourth) With the Three Fourths, Pouroucha has ascended unto the Heights.

In Cant ii we are told that the serpent leaps high above the 'other shells' though it is linked to them. What we have here is the serpent formula of the 'Convoluted Forces' placed on the staff of Hermes, to form the caduceus of Hermes, for the shape of the figure with Luna crescent and crossed legs, the hidden meanings of the shape of Mercury in its alchemical essence, is revealed to the initiate, Thoth ofthe Egyptians - originator of the Tarot. Tau a n d t h e Twenty-first Key Tau (Th) has a numerical value of 400, In the T'shape it was a builders square, used to level the angles of building and as a form measurement.

Kabbalah Unveiled by Mathers. What this passage tells us is that the Heptagram is formed in secret meaning from the supernal of the Tree. The Heptagram is linked Church Seven Infe ma1 Habitations Seven Ea*hs 1. Ephoses 7. Thebal 7. Gehinnon 2. Smyrna 6. Areqa 6. Tziah 5. Tzehoth 4. Thyatria 4. Neshiah 4. Bar Shasketh 5. Sardis 3. Gia 3. Tahion 6. Philadelphia 2. Adarnah 2. Abaddon 7. Laodicea 1. Aretz 1. Shoe1 to the seven headed beast of the Apocalypse, as shown on the floor of the vault of the Adepti.

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