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Parallele Programmierung

Durch kostengünstige Multiprozessor-Desktoprechner, Cluster von desktops und Innovationen wie die Hyperthreading-Technologie oder Multicore-Prozessoren sind parallele Rechenressourcen allgegenwärtig. Die effiziente Ausnutzung dieser parallelen Rechenleistung ist jedoch nur durch den Einsatz paralleler Programmiertechniken möglich, die sich damit in alle Bereiche der Softwareerstellung ausbreiten.

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It is implementation-defined whether the source of the translation units containing these definitions is required to be available. [ Note: An implementation could encode sufficient information into the translated translation unit so as to ensure the source is not required here. — end note ] All the required instantiations are performed to produce instantiation units. [ Note: These are similar to translated translation units, but contain no references to uninstantiated templates and no template definitions.

A string literal that has an R in the prefix is a raw string literal. The d-char-sequence serves as a delimiter. The terminating d-char-sequence of a raw-string is the same sequence of characters as the initial d-charsequence. A d-char-sequence shall consist of at most 16 characters. [ Note: The characters ’(’ and ’)’ are permitted in a raw-string. Thus, R"delimiter((a|b))delimiter" is equivalent to "(a|b)". — end note ] [ Note: A source-file new-line in a raw string literal results in a new-line in the resulting execution stringliteral.

Otherwise, the set is empty. 1) is applied to e, or e is a discarded-value expression (Clause 5). 1)). A virtual member function is odr-used if it is not pure. 4), unless it is a pure virtual function and its name is not explicitly qualified. 5). 8). 5. 5. A non-placement allocation or deallocation function for a class is odr-used by the definition of a constructor of that class. 8. 5. 5. 4. Every program shall contain exactly one definition of every non-inline function or variable that is odr-used in that program; no diagnostic required.

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