By Patrick Olivelle

Manu's Code of legislation is likely one of the most vital texts within the Sanskrit canon, certainly the most very important surviving texts from any classical civilization. It paints an astoundingly targeted photo of old Indian life-covering every thing from the structure of the king's cupboard to the cost of a ferry journey for a pregnant woman-and its doctrines were critical to Indian idea and perform for 2000 years. regardless of its significance, despite the fact that, earlier nobody has produced a serious version of this article. consequently, for hundreds of years students were pressured to simply accept sincerely inferior variants of Sanskrit texts and to take advantage of these unreliable variants because the foundation for developing the background of classical India. during this quantity, Patrick Olivelle has assembled the serious textual content of Manu, together with a serious gear containing all of the major manuscript versions, besides a competent and readable translation, copious explanatory notes, and a accomplished creation at the constitution, content material, and socio-political context of the treatise. the result's a very good scholarly success that would be a vital device for any severe pupil of India.

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41 The issue for dating the MDh, however, is the date of the Mahäbhärata itself. " He also suggests that the epic was written by a committee or team over a relatively brief period of time spanning "at most a couple 38. ayam hi pätaki vipro na vadhyo nianur abravlt / rastrad asinät tu nirväsyo vibhavair aksatair saha // Act IX, verse 39. 380. 39. 89 reads: prasthitäyäm pratisthethäh sthitäyäin sthitim äcareh / nisaimäyäm nisîdasyâm pJtämbhasi piber apah // Some of the divergence is caused by the fact that in the Raghuvamsa Dillpa is told to follow just a single cow, the divine NandinI, whereas in the MDh the penitent follows a herd of ordinary cows.

Even today, for example, opposition to birth out of wedlock (the moral position) can exist side by side with legal and social provisions for the welfare and legal status of illegitimate children. 4-26), where meat-eating is taken for granted. 267-72) also presupposes meat. His discussion of 71. 122-26. The first view permits seniority among sons born to wives of equal status, whereas the second view denies this and treats all of them equally. 27-55). Clearly, Manu here is not so much contradicting himself as providing two sets of guidelines, the one traditional that includes meat, within which he provides rules on permitted and prohibited animals, and the other reflecting the new morality of vegetarianism.

50. See H. Kulke and D. Rothermund, A History of India (London: Routledge, 1986), p. 81. 51. "The coins of these Gupta emperors are known chiefly in gold. They issued gold coins so profusely that a contemporary poet has allegorically termed the phenomenon 'rain of gold'" (Gupta 1969, 52). 52. For a study of verses in the vedic corpus, see Paul Horsch, Die vedische Gäthä- und Sloka-Literatur. Bern: Francke Verlag, 1966. 53. 6, 7, 8. 6. 54. The exception is Gautama. For a discussion, see Olivelle 2000.

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