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Heidegger and Marcuse: The Catastrophe and Redemption of History

This brief e-book contrasts the philosophies of expertise of Heidegger and Marcuse, one in every of Heidegger's celebrity students, and relates their paintings to modern know-how experiences. Feenberg units out the historic and theoretical heritage of the talk, then discusses every one philosopher's idea in flip, and ends with a big research of the consequences for modern know-how reviews.

Die physikalischen und chemischen Grundlagen der Glasfabrikation

Die Wissenschaft yom Glase ist infolge der Anwendung neuer physi kalischer Auffassungen und Methoden derart in Breite und Tiefe an geschwollen, daB es dem Ingenieur und dem Studenten immer schwie riger wird, die wissenschaftlichen Fundamente zu iibersehen. Es ist Zweck dieses Buches, den Zusammenhang zwischen der Grundlagen forschung einerseits und der Glaschemie und der Technologie anderer seits wieder herzustellen.

Elements of Psychoanalysis

A dialogue of categorising the ideational context and emotional adventure which may take place in a psychoanalytic interview. The textual content goals to extend the reader's figuring out of cognition and its scientific ramifications.

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Reading the Past: Mathematics and Measurement. : British Museum Press, 1987. Morrison, Philip, and Phylis Morrison. Powers of Ten. , 1982. Strauss, Stephen. The Sizesaurus: from Hectares to Decibels, a Witty Compendium of Measurements. , 1995. Division by Zero The number 0 has unique properties, including when a number is multiplied or divided by 0. Multiplying a number by 0 equals 0. For example, 256 ϫ 0 ϭ 0. Dividing a number by 0, however, is undefined. Why is dividing a number by 0 undefined?

He began to explore the various ways of filling two-dimensional space with symmetrically repeated arrangements of images known as tessellations. In the process, he discovered the same principles that had been developed previously, unknown to Escher, within the branch of mathematics known as group theory. When mathematicians and scientists became aware of his work, they helped popularize his art, and he soon gained an international reputation. Subsequent interactions with mathematicians introduced Escher to other mathematical concepts that he explored in his art.

M. C. Escher, 29 Master Prints. New York: Harry N. , Publishers, 1983. Rucker, Rudolf v. B. Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension. , 1977. Distance, Measurement of In the twenty-first century, societies need to make a wide range of measurements, from economic indicators and population trends to the times of sporting events and various standardized tests. Despite all of the varied measurement that is performed, modern societies still focus attention on the same two subjects, time and distance.

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