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Each application (really, each service) has its own file. so The first line is a comment. ) Lines two through four stack up three modules to use for login authorization. Line two makes sure that if the user is trying to log in as root, the tty on which they are logging in is listed in the /etc/securetty file if that file exists. Line three causes the user to be asked for a password and the password checked. Line four checks to see if the file /etc/nologin exists, and if it does, displays the contents of the file, and if the user is not root, does not let him or her log in.

Conf and add the line append=nomodules. cf file will be installed in /etc. The default configuration should work for most SMTP-only sites (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) . cf if you must use UUCP mail transfers. Please Note Although SMTP servers are supported automatically, IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) servers are not. If your ISP uses an IMAP server rather than an SMTP sever, you must install the IMAP package. Without it, your system won’t know how to pass information to the IMAP server or retrieve your mail.

It’s assumed that you’ve already installed the kernel-headers and kernel-source packages and that you issue all commands from the /usr/src/linux directory. The most important step is to make sure that you have a working emergency boot disk in case you make a mistake below. If you didn’t make a boot disk during the installation, use the mkbootdisk command to make one. x. Once done, test the boot disk to make sure that it will boot the system. It is important to begin a kernel build with the source tree in a known condition.

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