By A. Nuri Yurdusev

This ebook offers a common knowing of Ottoman international relations with regards to the fashionable foreign procedure. The origins of Ottoman international relations were traced again to the Islamic culture and Byzantine internal Asian historical past. The Ottomans appeared international relations as an establishment of the trendy foreign approach. They confirmed resident ambassadors and the fundamental associations and constitution of international relations. The e-book concludes with a assessment of the legacy of Ottoman international relations.

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Beside these territorial divisions, amân was also granted to certain nations in the form of capitulations, that is ahdnâme, so that merchants of a capitulatory nation could move freely within the Ottoman dominions with the status of musta’min for a term of one year without paying jizya. In practice, freedom of commercial activity in Ottoman lands was extended to the merchants of non-capitulatory nations as long as they sailed under a capitulatory nation’s flag and paid cottimo (elçilik ve konsolosluk hakki),the consulate fee, to the relevant consul.

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While the concept of legal equality necessitates reciprocity, the reciprocal interactions are not always equal. The principle of legal equality and sovereignty is a modern concept. 28 A. Nuri Yurdusev The principle of reciprocity was known and probably practised in intersocietal relations from time immemorial. According to McNeill, long before the modern period, the imperial rulers of the Eurasian civilizations developed a reciprocal code of conduct for inter-societal relations. ’68 The principle of reciprocity was keenly observed by the Sublime Porte.

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