By John Marenbon

From the flip of the 5th century to the start of the eighteenth, Christian writers have been interested and stricken by means of the "Problem of Paganism," which this ebook identifies and examines for the 1st time. How might the knowledge and advantage of the good thinkers of antiquity be reconciled with the truth that they have been pagans and, many proposal, damned? similar questions have been raised via encounters with modern pagans in northern Europe, Mongolia, and, later, the USA and China.

Pagans and Philosophers explores how writers--philosophers and theologians, but additionally poets equivalent to Dante, Chaucer, and Langland, and tourists resembling Las Casas and Ricci--tackled the matter of Paganism. Augustine and Boethius set its phrases, whereas Peter Abelard and John of Salisbury have been vital early advocates of pagan knowledge and advantage. collage theologians resembling Aquinas, Scotus, Ockham, and Bradwardine, and later thinkers reminiscent of Ficino, Valla, extra, Bayle, and Leibniz, explored the trouble intensive. in the meantime, Albert the good encouraged Boethius of Dacia and others to create a relativist perception of medical wisdom that allowed Christian academics to stay devoted Aristotelians.

At a similar time, early anthropologists corresponding to John of Piano Carpini, John Mandeville, and Montaigne constructed different forms of relativism in accordance with the difficulty.
A sweeping and unique account of an incredible yet ignored bankruptcy in Western highbrow background, Pagans and Philosophers offers a brand new viewpoint on not anything lower than the whole interval among the classical and the trendy global.

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