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The extraordinary large-scale advertisement software of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene), another way referred to as PEDOT, maintains to gasoline a necessity for literature approximately it that's concise, simply to be had, yet sufficiently finished. Designed to fulfill the necessities of readers from diverse components of craftsmanship and event with the substance, PEDOT: ideas and purposes of an Intrinsically Conductive Polymer presents a entire review of chemical, actual, and technical information regarding this preeminent and such a lot forwardly built electrically conductive polymer. An crucial source for researchers, builders, and clients of PEDOT—written by means of the researchers who succeeded in commercializing it an important reaction to the big interest—as good as patents and papers—spawned by means of PEDOT, this instruction manual presents uncomplicated wisdom and explores technical functions, in line with info generated by way of universities and educational learn, in addition to through business scientists. on hand in quite a few formulations and conductivities, this flexible PEDOT might be tailored for the desires and particular business purposes of its varied clients. even though worthy info exists in handbooks on polythiophene chemistry and physics, lower than which PEDOT falls, earlier, few if any books have centred completely in this very important carrying out polymer—certainly now not one who so thoroughly elucidates either its experimental and sensible elements. This publication: starts with a quick background of carrying out polymers and polythiophenes Describes the discovery of PEDOT and its advertisement outgrowth, PEDOT:PSS Emphasizes key technical and advertisement facets and utilization of PEDOT and the way they've got encouraged medical examine in a variety of fields Explains the chemical and actual history for PEDOT by way of its fundamental use and incorporation in items together with mobile telephones and flat panel monitors worthwhile for readers at any point of familiarity with PEDOT, this one-stop compilation of data deals experts a number of unpublished effects from the authors’ celebrated paintings, in addition to usually ignored details from patents. Balancing enough element and references for additional learn, this publication is a robust software for a person operating within the box.

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