By Arthur Woodward, Frank Bovey

content material: Conformation and mobility of polymers adsorbed on oxide surfaces by way of ESR spectroscopy / Taiming Liang, Peter N. Dickenson, and Wilmer G. Miller --
An ESR research of environmental results on nylon fibers / K.L. Devries and M. Igarashi --
An ESR research of at the start shaped intermediates within the photodegradation of poly(vinyl chloride) / N.-L. Yang, J. Liutkus, and H. Haubenstock --
Manganese(II) and gadolinium(III) EPR reports of membrane-bound ATPases / Charles M. Grisham --
Molecular constitution of vinyl chloride-vinylidene chloride copolymers by means of carbon-13 NMR / Charles J. Carman --
Characterization of long-chain branching in polyethylenes utilizing high-field carbon-13 NMR / J.C. Randall --
Molecular dynamics of polymer chains and alkyl teams in answer / George C. Levy, Peter L. Rinaldi, James J. Dechter, David E. Axelso, and Leo Mandelkern --
Use of pulsed NMR to review composite polymeric platforms / D.C. Douglass --
Multiple-pulse NMR of strong polymers : dynamics of polytetrafluoroethylene / A.D. English and A.J. Vega --
Variable-temperature magic-angle spinning carbon-13 NMR stories of reliable polymers / W.W. Fleming, C.A. Fyfe, R.D. Kendrick, J.R. Lyerla, H. Vanni, and C.S. Yannoni --
Drug-DNA interactions in resolution : acridine mutagen, anthracycline antitumor, and peptide antibiotic complexes / Dinshaw J. Patel.

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10 m M ATP 4000 G I . . , Biochemistry Figure 3. X-band EPR spectra of Mn ' complexes with (Na* + K')-ATPase (21). lmM MnCU, and the concentrations of the substrates shown. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1980.

W i l l vary w i t h the s t r e n g t h and symmetry of the l i g a n d f i e l d and w i l l express the dynamic process r e s p o n s i b l e f o r r e l a x a t i o n . This process could be e i t h e r the r o ­ t a t i o n of the complex ( t h i s would e s s e n t i a l l y be r o t a t i o n a l modulation of a s t a t i c z e r o - f i e l d s p l i t t i n g ) or symmetry f l u c t u ­ a t i o n s i n the complex due to d i s t o r t i o n s induced by the impact of solvent molecules ( i .

For comparison a fracture surface caused by cutting with scissors i s shown i n Figure 13. Figure 14 i s a fracture sur­ face produced after a sample was subjected at room temperature to an O 3 environment, at 90% strain for 6 days. The peripheral sur­ face of the fiber does not exhibit the blistered appearance pro­ duced by S O 2 and shown i n Figure 9 but does show a large number of microcracks. The microcracks on the fracture surface i n these figures are i n marked contrast to the comparatively "intact" frac­ ture of a sample held under 90% strain i n a i r and shown i n Figure 15.

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