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NCRP Commentaries NCRP Commentaries are documents that provide preliminary evaluations, critiques, reviews, results of exploratory studies, or extensions of previously published NCRP reports on an accelerated schedule when time for the normal Council review process is not available. They are approved for publication by the Board of Directors of the Council. Included in the series are: Comrnentary No. S.

Collect, analyze, develop, and disseminate in the public interest information and recommendations about (a) protection against radiation and (b) radiation measurements, quantities, and units, particularly those concerned with radiation protection; 2. Provide a means by which organizations concerned with the scientific and related aspects of radiation protection and of radiation quantities, units, and measurements may cooperate for effective utilization of their combined resources, and to stimulate the work of such organizations ; 3.

The Council is made up of nationally recognized scientists who share the belief that significant advances in radiation protection and measurement can be achieved through cooperative effort. The more than four hundred scientists participating in the NCRP program voluntarily contribute their services in support of the Council's objectives . The NCRP seeks to promulgate information and recommendations based on leading scientific judgment on matters of radiation protection and measurement and to foster cooperation among organizations concerned with these matters.

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