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The concept that of this e-book - an built-in and complete cov­ erage of all elements of Raman spectroscopy by way of a gaggle of expert- took shape approximately 3 years in the past. It made a big stride towards realiza­ tion while Dr. L. Woodward, whose awesome paintings during this box had lengthy been identified to me, agreed to jot down an introductory bankruptcy and made precious feedback relating others who could be invited to give a contribution articles. despite the fact that, many hindrances needed to be conquer ahead of this e-book eventually grew to become a fact. this can be very tough to organize a multi writer overview of the nation of information in a speedily starting to be box in the sort of means that every one features are cited to an identical date. In our case, a few staff who had initially agreed to give a contribution articles have been pressured to withdraw less than the strain of recent commitments, and replacements needed to be came across. Others have been not able to accomplish their contributions through the time limit date, in order that the book of the ebook needed to be rescheduled. All this tended to paintings to the detriment of these authors who ready their chapters as initially scheduled. An attempt used to be made to provide the authors most influenced through this a chance to revise their papers, yet after all an arbitrary cutoff date needed to be set to prevent an never-ending spiral of revision and updating.

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Advances in Raman Instrumentation and Sampling Techniques 79 Fig. 49. Raytheon Co. LG 12 laser in operation. , •• ,.. , : ~ ... Fig. 5 I. 2 ml). £ "" . be easily obtained. The expected improvement of the fluorescence problem with a laser source will allow one to study many colored aqueous and fluorescing biological solutions that cannot be adequately studied by infrared techniques. Complex chemistry of colored aqueous solutions of transition metals can now be studied by Raman techniques. Low-energy transitions close to the exciting line should be easier to see with a laser source.

0 Fig. 11. The Raman spectrum of rutile (Ti0 2 ) at different temperatures excited with the He-Ne laser. 5 sec; FL, fluorescence lines. Fig. 13. The pure rotational Raman spectrum of methylacetylene excited with the 4358 A Hg line and the 6328 A line of the He-Ne laser. I A:. ~~ 96 J. A. Koningstein the Brewster angle in order to reduce the loss of the laser radiation to a minimum value. 5 g/cm 3 ; the diameter of the laser beam inside cell was 5 mm and the length of the cell 30 mm. The horizontal distribution of Raman scattering sources was imaged on the vertical slit with the help of a Dove prism.

23. Each cell requires a special cell optics assembly and a cell holder. The use of the 19-mm cell has an advantage in that the monochromator does not see the cell walls. and there is a reduction of background and cell fluorescence. As is illustrated in Table Ill. 2 ml can be examined. Solid Sampling. The sampling problem with solids has been one of the most difficult problems to solve in Raman spectroscopy. This appears to be a paradox since some of the early work of Indian investigators was on solids.

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