By Franklin Cockerill (auth.), Dr. Udo Reischl, Prof. Dr. Carl Wittwer, Prof. Dr. Franklin Cockerill (eds.)

Rapid Cycle Real-Time PCR is a robust analytical software with huge program for the elemental and utilized existence sciences. in comparison with traditional PCR expertise, swift Cycle Real-Time PCR is quicker, has better specificity, and is extra simply adaptable for numerous diagnostic assessments, together with qualitative, quantitative and mutation detection assays. This ebook offers basic overviews of this expertise to be used within the medical microbiology laboratory in addition to particular diagnostic protocols for the detection of viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens and genetically changed organisms in human specimens and foodstuffs. All of those protocols were constructed, proven, and proven by way of specialists within the box and may be of serious for medical microbiologists, pathologists, laboratory technologists in addition to training physicians.

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Pertussis and B. parapertussis in clinical specimens prevented us from calculating reasonable diagnostic specificity and sensitivity values for our assay. However, based on the results of the diagnostic culture and LightCycler PCR with 208 clinical samples, only 45% of the B. pertussis PCR-positive specimens were found positive by culture and PCR missed none of the culture-positive specimens. For B. parapertussis, only 55% of the PCR-positive specimens were found positive by culture and, again, PCR missed none of the culture-positive specimens (see Table 3).

Pneumophila in Potable Water Samples and Respiratory Specimens by LightCycier PCR NELE WELLING HAUSEN*, OLFERT LANDT, UDO REISCHL Introduction Legionellae are gram-negative bacteria that are ubiquitous in environmental water sources. They cause epidemic and sporadic cases of pneumonia after inhalation or aspiration of contaminated water droplets. To date, 42 species with 64 serogroups are known [2], many of which cause disease in humans [12, IS, 20] . Legionella pneumophila is by far the most common pathogenic species and accounts for up to 90% of the cases of legionellosis [20].

181 ... . . .. .. . . .. . . . . 192 . .... . .. .. ...... . .. . . . . . . 49 ...... . . . . . . . .. . ... . 59 Fig. 1. Alignment of the amplified fragment within the B. pertussis insertion sequence IS481 (GenBank Accession #M22031, X58488, and U07800). Primer annealing sites, orientation and the sequence of IS481-specific hybridization probes are indicated by bold and underlined letters peR Prod X66858 1 733 Primer > caccgcctacgagttggagat ccaggcccacagcccacaggcggagatcgtctatgactt 60 · .

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