By William R Sanford

Osceola led his humans, the Seminoles, in a single of the longest struggles of the Indian Wars. In a video game of conceal and search within the Florida wetlands, the Seminoles struck lethal blows to the U.S. military. Osceoloa was once by no means defeated, yet used to be ultimately double-crossed and captured. the writer tells the true tale of this fearless chief. The Seminoles had lived peacefully with Spanish settlers and runaway slaves till Florida turned a part of the us. whilst the U.S. executive determined the Seminoles could be moved to far away reservations, Osceola helped lead his humans into warfare.

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Their route would lead them across some of the roughest terrain in the state. Osceola was a brilliant leader who made no mistakes. The women and children were well-fed and safe. He kept a good supply of powder and lead. Few Seminoles had lost their lives. Osceola would not bunch his forces. Instead he divided his men into bands of two-hundred warriors. He told them what to do when they met soldiers. If they outnumbered the soldiers, attack. Otherwise let the soldiers pass by. Scott began the right wing’s advance on March 25.

He was a plodder. He would give the Seminoles no rest. The war had already lasted more than a year. Osceola was worried. His warriors had fought well. But would they fight for another year? He still hoped the whites would tire of the war. Then they would talk of peace. He expected another attack on his stronghold. His bands spread out and moved south. In March 1837, several chiefs came to Fort Dade. They represented Micanopy. The top chief of the Seminoles had tired of the war. He agreed to give up.

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