By George Somjen (auth.), George Somjen (eds.)

Great advances were made within the sector of sensory body structure over the past few many years, and those advancements appear to be inquiring for a finished evaluate that's conceivable in measurement and cohesive in content material. This quantity has been written with that objective in brain. within the first position i need to thank Mr. R. van Frank of Appleton-Century-Crofts for asking me to do the activity, and my spouse for persuading me to do it, for writing it used to be an relaxing activity. a lot of the dialogue of real facts set to print right here developed in question-and-answer classes in classes given to scholars in body structure, psychology, and drugs, and to physicians education in neurology, neurosur­ gery, and psychiatry. along with my scholars, I had in brain whereas getting ready this article my specialist colleagues laboring on their lecture notes lower than circum­ stances maybe no longer not like my very own. the cloth is split in components. the 1st bargains with the style of illustration of sensory details in peripheral nerves: the so-called first order code. the second one 1/2 the textual content bargains with the dealing with of feel facts through the important apprehensive procedure. One explanation for dividing the fabric during this means is that the various good points of the first-order code are universal to all sensory modalities. The depth, where, the rhythm, the "quality" of stimuli are encoded by means of principles that are acceptable, albeit with acceptable ameliorations, to all senses. moreover, those principles of coding are at the present time very well understood.

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In certain situations, such as the secretion of acid in the stomach, the 'pumping' of ions is indeed accompanied by an appreCiable voltage. But in the case of nerve cells, it seems that every time one K+ ion is pulled into the cells by the 'ion pump,' one Na+ ion is thrust out of the cell. The simultaneous transport of similar charges in opposite directions cancels the electrical effect. ) Membrane potentials have been measured in many cells. Whether the potential of epithelial tissues, red blood cells, and the like contributes to their function or is a by-product of no consequence is not clear.

After diffusing across the narrow intercellular cleft, the transmitter substance acts upon the sub synaptic membrane, causing its permeability to ions to be altered. The action of the transmitter chemical on 28 Introduction the postsynaptic neuron is in many ways like that of a stimulus on a receptor cell or nerve. It could be said that the 'adequate stimulus' of the subsynaptic membrane is the transmitter, using the word in a similar sense as for sense organs (see p. 36). The change of voltage at the postsynaptic membrane is thus in many ways analogous to the generator potential, but is called here the postsynaptic potential.

In some sense organs the two are in fact identical, and in reference to those it is proper to use the two terms interchangeably. This is true for all the nerve endings of the skin and of connective tissue but not for the photoreceptors of the retina and probably not for the organs of audition and taste either. In the latter examples the specialized sensory cell is believed to be the site of a receptor potential, while the generator process resides in the nerve ending which is in contact with the sensory cell (Figure 5) (see also Mellon, 1968, pp.

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