By Svetlana Boriskina, Nikolay I. Zheludev

Plasmonics has already revolutionized molecular imaging, melanoma examine, optical communications, sensing, spectroscopy, and metamaterials improvement. This booklet is a collective attempt via numerous learn teams to push the frontiers of plasmonics learn into the rising zone of harnessing and new release of photon angular momentum on micro- and nanoscales. It deals a glimpse into the continued study efforts to increase new kinds of plasmonic vortex–pinning structures and chiral nanostructures for mild harvesting, bio(chemical) sensing, drug discovery, and nanoscale strength move.

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11) where p is a linear momentum operator, ω is a vector potential created by the dipole moment of the molecule near the MNP, p12 = 1| p |2 and finally Gω = e2 ∇ · p12 · ω02 m2 ω · p21 . 12) Each term has been well explained above. We see that this is a selfconsistent equation. 13) and QNP = Im (εm ) ω 2π ∗ dV E ωi n · E ωi n . 14) In colloidal systems, MNP-molecule complexes are floating in a solution with random orientations. 15) where the +/− signs indicate that incident beam is either LCP or RCP.

On the surface of this DNA origami object, either nine positions forming a left-handed or nine positions forming a righthanded “spiral staircase” around the cylinder were chosen. At each of these positions, the ends of the three nearest staple strands were synthesized with 15 extra bases to form a “handle” for the gold NPs. The 10 nm gold NPs in these experiments were each covered with multiple (>20) thiol-modified DNA sequences that were complementary to the handle sequence. When those particles were mixed with one of the two DNA origami cylinder versions (with left or right-handed staircase attachment positions), the handle sequences were occupied by the NPs resulting in the formation of a helix of plasmonic particles of defined chirality (Fig.

Reprinted with permission from Ref. [42]. Copyright c 2012, Rights Managed by Nature Publishing Group. a direct correspondence between the CD signal and the handedness of a helix. 1 Model: Maxwell’s Equations Incorporating a Chiral Parameter Generally speaking, the light-scattering problem of core–shell multilayer structures can be solved exactly using the Mie solution. When a chiral medium is involved, its chiral property will break September 15, 2014 12:0 PSP Book - 9in x 6in 01-Boriskina-Zheludev-c01 Electrodynamic Effects in Chiral Molecular-Plasmonic Structures the symmetry of a system and the degeneracy between RCP and LCP electromagnetic waves.

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