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The tension interested by a occupation in educating has elevated significantly in recent times. In England and Wales the implementation of the schooling Reform Act has ended in an entire variety of organisational and curricular alterations so as to add to the prevailing pressures of self-discipline difficulties, terrible operating stipulations and occasional pay. nervousness, melancholy, courting problems or even actual sickness are only a number of the indicators that outcome. This confirmed advisor, now thoroughly up to date for lecturers and executives within the Nineteen Nineties, exhibits the right way to realize the symptoms of rigidity and the way to improve suggestions to regulate it. Its functional recommendation, field-tested in numberous workshops for academics and heads, might be useful scholls to lessen pressures on their employees via the advance of passable whole-school rules and lecturers to be more suitable within the administration in their personal rigidity degrees.

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This investigation has revealed the conceptual difficulties which primary teachers can experience with scientific ideas and their feelings in relation to these difficulties—feelings of fear and inadequacy. The results of this investigation support the findings of other recent studies (Kruger et al. 1990) which have reported a mixture of enthusiasm and apprehension among primary teachers about the national curriculum and less confidence about their competence to teach science than in the case of other subjects.

3 Curriculum change is desired by some staff but not by others. Time is needed to woo the conservative group but the radicals are impatient. My job is to keep the waters calm, both sides talking and a goal in sight. 4 Eventually a discipline matter is referred to me. Staff who have already ‘failed’ are now critical of my success. They do not appreciate that now the context has widened and many people are involved. These are just four examples but with one common theme. It is people who put pressure on me, people who impinge on me with different viewpoints, different demands and different expectations.

This is changing gradually and heads of department are beginning to take these on, although we keep an overall view of students creating problems in several subject areas. The most difficult miracle to perform is rehabilitation of the social misfit— obviously a difficult task and in some cases impossible. , etc. I inevitably attempt to engage this non-communicative individual in a two-way conversation and make what I vainly believe to be helpful suggestions to join the darts club/trampolining club, etc.

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