By Harjeet Singh Gill

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In this union, the Actor and the Acted, the Subject and the Object, the Being and the Other, all merge in the absolute unity of the most transcendent truth from where there is no going beyond. The normal space and time lose their identity and there is perfect union of the lovers. SUFI RHYTHMS play on, young girl, play on sooner or later you have to go to your in-laws playing with your ball adorned with golden earrings you are oblivious of the inevitable parents home is only an illusion a matter of days with the month of sawan the rains of love and union herald the season of joy and romance Shah Hussain, the faqir says the hour of departure is ringing aloud even the most beautiful moments are a matter of days none can alter the Master’s ways !

SUFI RHYTHMS 52 The love stricken sufi faqir, Shah Hussain, identifies himself with the young girl who is supposed to be busy at the spinning wheel to prepare her dowry but the intoxication of love is so strong, lost in the transcendental flight of love, she has lost all interest in the routine affairs of the world, the world of her parents, the mundane world of small routines. The red spinning wheel and pure white cotton, all symbols of love and purity, are fused with the pangs of solitude and the longings for the union which are always elusive.

SUFI RHYTHMS 56 In this composition charged with yogic symbolism, Shah Hussain goes beyond the usual metaphors of the Muslim universe of mysticism. For the sufi Hussain, all local, regional metaphors and symbols are important to communicate with his Indian audience. The yogan yearns to meet her yogi, the separated love whose presence or absence, spiritual or physical, is the eternal realisation of life and death. In this existentially charged hymn, the poet presents the pangs of separation from his love by identifying himself with the yogan, the feminine aspect of the lover.

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