By Dr Stephen J Ball, Stephen Ball, Ivor F Goodson, Ivor Goodson

This quantity explores the modern state of affairs of lecturers' careers and academics' lives within the context of falling roles, academic cuts and executive calls for for basic switch in academic procedures.

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The major tasks facing those in the 21–28 age group are ‘(a) to explore the possibilities for adult living: to keep options open, avoid strong commitments and maximize the alternatives…and (b) …to create a stable life structure: become more responsible and “make something of my life”’—(p. 58). This phase, which he calls Entering the Adult World, is in many respects something of a trial period and it seems that teaching is a career which allows scope to attempt and to accomplish both of its tasks.

85). For many people life begins to get more serious now, commitments and responsibilities are increasing and it becomes more important to establish a stable basis and work out and plan a life structure for the future. It can be a stressful period, particularly because after the age of thirty it usually becomes increasingly difficult to start out in a new career. In various respects the years of the Age Thirty Transition are a last chance to assess and subsequently confirm or change one’s provisional life structure.

They test you out on that. They usually heave one at the beginning where they try and paint each other…It’s all annoying little things, ripping up a sheet of paper, just to see what reaction you’ll get…I did it with young teachers when I was a kid. (Jan, 25, Scale 1, art teacher) During their training and when they first start teaching quite a number have been advised that it is a good plan to be very strict, firm and even distant for the first half term in order to establish an identity as a teacher who will brook no nonsense (cf.

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