By Gregor Kiczales, Jim des Rivieres, Daniel G. Bobrow

The CLOS metaobject protocol is a chic, high-performance extension to the CommonLisp item procedure. The authors, who built the metaobject protocol and who have been one of the team that constructed CLOS, introduce this new method of programming language layout, describe its evolution and layout ideas, and current a proper specification of a metaobject protocol for CLOS.Kiczales, des Rivières, and Bobrow exhibit that the "art of metaobject protocol design" lies in making a artificial mixture of object-oriented and reflective ideas that may be utilized less than current software program engineering issues to yield a brand new method of programming language layout that meets a extensive set of layout criteria.One of the key merits of together with the metaobject protocol in programming languages is that it permits clients to regulate the language to raised go well with their wishes. Metaobject protocols additionally disprove the adage that including extra flexibility to a programming language reduces its functionality. In offering the foundations of metaobject protocols, the authors paintings with real code for a simplified implementation of CLOS and its metaobject protocol, delivering a chance for the reader to achieve hands-on adventure with the layout strategy. additionally they contain a couple of routines that handle vital issues and open issues.Gregor Kiczales and Jim des Rivières, are contributors of the examine employees, and Daniel Bobrow is a study Fellow, within the process Sciences Laboratory at Xerox Palo Alto study Center.

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