By M. J. Carlile (auth.), Professor Dr. Horst Senger (eds.)

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Some of them are indicative for flavins, others for carotenoids, both probably bound to proteins within the living cello Arguments favoring carotenoids and carotenoproteins, respectively, are: 1. Maximal activity is found between 450 and 520 nm, very often between 500 and 51Qnm. 2. Many action spectra lack a UV peak around 370 nm. 3. Light has no effect on the movement of the carotenoid-free diatom Nitzschia alba (Nultsch and Wenderoth 1973). On the other hand, the following arguments favor flavins and flavoproteins, respectively, as photoreceptors: 1.

1976) found that the action 43 Effects of Blue Light on Movement of Microorganisms spectra for photoaccumulation and photodispersal of green and dark bleached cells, containing a colored stigma, and a streptomycin bleached mutant with a colorless stigma were essentially identical. Moreover. Benedetti and Checcucci (1975) and Benedetti and Lenci (1977) have demonstrated the presence of flavins in the PFB, using fluorescence microscopic and scanning microphotometric methods. Photomicrographs and microfluorescence measurements gave no hint that the pigment conte nt of the PFB was changed by the streptomycin treatment (Ferrara and Banchetti 1976).

The advise of Dr. A. Boschetti for setting up the Halobacterium halobium culture is greatefully acknowledged. This work was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (grant Nro. 77) and by the Central Laboratories of the Swiss Blood Transfusion Service SRK, Bern, Switzeriand. Chernical Modification of Bacteriorhodopsin by Phenylisothiocyanate 37 References 1. Oesterhelt D, Stoeckenius W (1971) Nature New Bio I 233: 149-152 2. Henderson R (1977) Annu Rev Biophys Bioenerg 6: 87-109 3. Ehrenberg E, Lewis A (1978) Biochern Biophys Res Cornrnun 82: 1154-1159 4.

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